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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

2024 Larbert Real Ale and Cider List



Sheet 1: Beers

Pos. Brewery Beer ABV Style Special Tasting Notes
B1 Alechemy Ten Storey Malt Bomb 4.4% 80/-
A modern take on a traditional Scottish 80' ale brewed with ten types of malts and carries flavours of caramel & fruit loaf. The smokiness leaves a woody, nutty quality which is delightful on a winters day and summers evening barbecue. Reigning CAMRA Gold medallist for its style
B2 Arran Clyde Puffer 4.5% Stout Vegan Lively flavoured stout, contains the usual mix of roasted malts and chocolate. Accompanied by a nice fruity taste lurking in the background
S1 Batemans XXXB 4.8% Bitter
Brewed with four malts and three varieties of hops, for a deliciously spicy, fruity and biscuity flavour
S2 Black Hole Brewery Milky Way 6.0% Wheat beer
A pale wheat beer. Honey and banana nose advises the sweet taste but not the sweet, dry spicy finish from this wheat beer.
B3 Broughton Greenmantle 70/- 3.9% 70/-
Greenmantle is a traditional Scottish 70' ale with a rich malt profile and hints of caramel and toffee. A medium body carries notes of toasted bread and a touch of earthy hops, providing a subtle bitterness that complements the sweetness. A hint of dried fruit adds complexity, while a gentle carbonation enhances the overall drinking experience.
B4 Broughton Heritage 60/- 3.4% 60/-
Classic, dark amber 60 shilling ale with a hint of vanilla, malt, spice and smooth, earthy bitterness.
S3 Bruha Yugen Ruby 3.9% Red
Soft fruity red ale with raisin and fig malt palate and subtle aroma of blackcurrant from Jester hops
B5 Cairngorm Black Gold 4.4% Stout
A multi-award winning Scottish stout. Smooth and full bodied with subtle bitterness giving way to late sweetness and underlying roast barley hints.
S4 Cairngorm Trade Winds 4.3% Golden
Light golden in colour, with a high proportion of wheat giving a clean, fresh taste. The mash blends together with Perle hops and elderflower providing a bouquet of fruit and citrus flavours.
B6 Cromarty Raptor IPA 5.5% New World IPA
Raptor is a juicy, soft and fruity IPA focused around the Ekuanot hop. A smooth malt body supports a ripe fruit aroma and a mouthwatering pithy bitterness from a liberal use of American hops.
B7 Cromarty Rogue Wave 5.7% New World IPA
This extra pale ale may look calm and tranquil, but as you throw it back the mass of hop induced flavours will drown your taste buds. This is one Rogue Wave that’s going to quench your thirst!
S5 Dancing Duck Ay Up! 3.9% Pale
Subtle malt and floral notes are matched splendidly with citrus hops.
B8 Devon Ales Original 3.8% 70/-
Brewed by the family for 30 years this traditional Scottish session ale has notes of toffee and caramel washed down with a clean and refreshing hop.
S6 Exmoor Skip Intro 4.0% Session
Gently hopped using NZ and US hops to create a light, refreshing session ale with a hint of fruity citrus and pine.
S7 Fat Cat Tom Cat 4.1% IPA Gluten free Session IPA showcasing the tropical flavours of the Mosaic hop delivering bold and fruity flavours.
S8 Firebird Paleface 5.2% APA Gluten free Our lovely American pale ale. Powerful yet understated, this beers delivers a full hoppy aroma, balanced with a slightly sweet but strong mouthfeel.
B9 Five Kingdoms Bay of Plenty 4.5% NZ Pale
This New Zealand pale packs plenty of punch, inspired by our head brewer's home town. Double dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops giving flavours of mango, lychee, gooseberry and zesty lime
S9 Five Kingdoms Hillbillie 4.0% Pale
Smooth easy drinking pale ale, light and clean with notes of elderflower and gooseberry. Perfect post ride refreshment.
S10 Green Duck Cherry Stout 5.2% Stout
It’s a stout with cherries, therefore, cherry stout.
B10 Harviestoun Old Engine Oil 4.5% Porter
Down your tools and take a swig of the classic craft stout. Beautifully engineered with premium roasted malt for a velvety mouthfeel. Its proper vintage stuff. All thanks to the meticulous handiwork from our master brewers.
B11 Harviestoun Schiehallion 4.2% Lager
When you name your beer after a mountain like Schiehallion (She-hal-ion) your beer better be breath-taking too. Ours has an elegant head, fresh crispness and a lingering grapefruit finish. All thanks to a lot of uphill work from our master brewers.
S11 Kelburn Red Smiddy 4.1% Best Bitter
Named after a local blacksmiths, this beer is complex in character as is fitting for a championship winning ale. Red Smiddy is a smooth, dry ale with a unique spicy aroma and flavour. Its reddish hue, warm glow and tight head gives it a presence that makes it stand out against its competitors.
S12 Loch Leven Shining Knight 4.0% Pale Gluten free A refreshing, well balanced pale yellow 4.0% ABV quite malty craft style Pale Ale. Brewed using Scottish, barley, light caramalt malt, German specialty malt and wheat malt. The moderate bitterness comes from Target hops. It has a subtle floral, spicy and slightly citrussy Noble hop aroma.
B12 Loch Leven Warrior Queen 3.8% IPA Gluten free A refreshing, amber, relatively malty, 3.8%ABV version of an IPA. Brewed with Scottish grown and malted barley, light crystal malts and wheat malt. The medium bitterness comes from a mixture of Target, Goldings and Cascade hops. It has medium citrussy/floral/grassy hop aroma notes with a medium dry finish.
B13 Loch Lomond Bravehop IPA 6.0% New World IPA
This is Loch Lomond Breweries India Pale Ale. Marmalade and pine aromas lead to caramel and apricot flavours followed by a bittersweet finish.
B14 Loch Lomond Lost in Mosaic 5.0% Hazy IPA
New World IPA - Pineapple and citrus aromas lead to orange and melon flavours followed by a fresh citrus finish.
B15 Loch Lomond Silkie Stout 5.0% Oatmeal Stout
A jet black robust oatmeal stout. A roast coffee aroma leads to a rich, chocolate flavour that is rounded off with a smooth and creamy finish.
B16 Loch Lomond Why So Serious 3.8% Pale
Straw coloured pale ale with low bitterness and tropical fruit aroma
S13 Lord’s Brewing Co Reynard 4.0% Blonde
A classic delicately flavoured blonde ale. A simple malt bill with light hopping gives an extremely refreshing and easy-drinking beer.
S14 Magpie Angry Bird 4.0% Ruby
Heavily Hopped Ruby Ale with First Gold and Bramling
B17 Not That California Beer Joose! 1.0 4.3% Pale
A pale ale, nothing more, nothing less. Mildly hazy, easy drinking beer.
B18 Not That California Black Gold of California 4.1% Black Lager
Our classic kveik lager that got a fair dose of black barley just before the grains were taken out. By exposing the beer to the blackened grains only for a short time you won’t get the astringency so often present in dark beers. Kveik yeast does give this beer extremely mild fruity backbone.
B19 Not That California Cold IPA 5.4% IPA
This beer would be a west coast IPA if it wasn’t fermented for a long time using traditional Czech lager yeast. A crisp IPA/lager cross on cask.
B20 Not That California The Filthy Bas**rd 6.0% Milk Stout
A rich rye, oatmeal, milk stout. Filthy chocolatey stout with a twist.
S15 Salopian Lemon Dream 4.5% Golden
A shimmering golden ale that is brewed using organic lemons which adds beautifully subtle zesty aromas and a citrus filled fruity finish.
B21 Salt Rock 1070 6.6% Blonde
Golden ale brewed with a Belgian yeast. Refreshing, slightly juicy, packs a punch
B22 Salt Rock Clocktower 4.8% 80/-
Dark brown, malt-forward, notes of toffee and dates
S16 Sambrook's Wandle 3.8% Best
A delicious, balanced best bitter. Brewed with Maris Otter pale malt, Fuggles, Goldings and Boadicea hops and finished with a unique yeast strain.
S17 Shadow Bridge The Orb Of Destiny 4.1% Pale
The honeycomb lifts the malt, and the malt brings out just a hint of the exquisite sweetness of the honey.
B23 SLOPEmeisteR Gorilla Coffee 4.0% Stout Vegan Cold Brew Coffee Stout - A fusion of Gorilla Stout and Lavazza Rossa Coffee beans for the darker roast and fine blend of arabica and robusta beans, it's all about the beans! We're talking mega fresh coffee flavours, dark chocolate with a gentle caramel sweetness balanced with bittering hops.
B24 SLOPEmeisteR Hoppenheimer 4.8% NEIPA Vegan Double hopped NEIPA - We've dropped the hop bomb! Made with sub-atomic particles. Contains protons and neutrons. May cause chain reaction upon tasting, reports of repeated tasting. Hop warning: juicy explosions, stone fruit fall-out, long-term exposure to hazy hops!
B25 Spey Valley Spey's Cadet 4.5% IPA
Spey's Cadet is a light, refreshing hybrid IPA. The clean, refreshing taste of a lager with the citrusy aromas of an American IPA
B26 Strangers Bramble Pie 4.8% Blackberry Saison
Blackberry saison with bags of juicy flavour and a malty, lightly spiced finish; gluten-free, contains lactose, vegetarian
B27 Strangers Cockleroi 3.8% Amber Vegan Malt forward amber ale with hints of caramel and chocolate
B28 Strangers Hazy Pale 4.2% Pale Ale Vegan Hoppy, hazy pale ale with peach and citrus notes and a woody bitter finish
B29 Strangers Hearthside 4.4% Stout
Spiced milk stout (vanilla, cinnamon, clove, ginger, local chillies); contains lactose, vegetarian
B30 Strangers Lone Goose 4.0% Golden Vegan Golden ale, well hopped with hints of tropical fruit from Mosaic and Simcoe
B31 Sulwath Black Galloway 4.4% Porter
A robust porter/stout which derives its colour from the abundance of “Maris Otter” barley and chocolate malts used in the brewing process “ The ultimate Knife & fork job”
S18 Sulwath Knockendoch 5.0% Brown
Dark copper coloured, with pronounced tastes of malts and hops. Initial reaction is the flavour of deeply roasted malts, followed by the pleasing aftertaste of best whole Hereford hops, which linger on the palate.
S19 Vale Black Beauty 4.4% Porter
Our award-winning full bodied porter. Intense dark roasted malts give way to wonderful chocolate flavours.
S20 Vale Red Kite 4.3% Bitter
Rich malt flavours make this chestnut bitter the perfect accompaniment for cosy pub evenings
S21 Wadworth 6X 4.1% Premium
Full-bodied and distinctive, it’s a strong premium ale
B32 Williams Bros Seven Giraffes 5.1% IPA Vegan A blend of 7 grains, 3 hop strains and a late infusion of elderflower: This aromatic IPA was named by Scott's daughter. It pours a deep gold with aroma's of elderflower and citrus hops, followed by sweet caramel. On the tongue the biscuity malts are perfectly balanced with the bitterness of the hops, with a lingering floral elderflower aftertaste. An extraordinary brew.

Sheet 2: Cider

Pos. Brewery Cider ABV Type Tasting Notes
C1 Ascension Per 4.8% Sweet Our take on a 'pear cider' also known as a pyder. Wild fermented apple cider is blended with freshly pressed conference pear juice to bring a sweet, soft cider.Dedicated to a legend of aviation, Per Lindstrand.
C2 Ayrshire Riviera Blue Label 6.0% Med Dry A cider produced using apples locally sourced across Ayrshire. It is just the juice of freshly pressed Ayrshire apples with yeast added to do its thing. On the nose there is a blast fresh green applies. On the front palate is an obvious apple fruitiness. It lingers to dry with a hint of sweetness and long tasty umani finish. A cider reminiscent of cider produced in North East of US
C3 Ayrshire Riviera Culzean 6.0% Med Dry A limited batch of Ayrshire Riviera Cider made entirely from a pressing of apples from the walled garden at Culzean Castle. On the nose there is a floral hint. On the front palate a sharp refreshing fruit burst, maybe even hints of lime. On the finish the rich apple comes shining through.
C4 Celtic Marches Mango Daiquiri 3.4% Fruit Take a trip to the Tropics! This mango mouth pleaser will have you floating away. A tropical twist on a firm favourite, it’s packed with the juicy fruit, a cheeky rum twist and a kick of lime. This smoothy is one tastebud teasing tongue tickler.
C5 Celtic Marches Pornstar Martini 3.4% Fruit Pucker up! This passionfruit punch is packed with all the favourites of the legendary cocktail. The hit of lime smashes through the sweetness of the purple fruit, leaving the light linger of vanilla. Chin, chin, darlings!
C6 Celtic Marches Strawberry and Lime  4.0% Fruit This fruity number has a sweet, fresh-crushed strawberry nose and the subtle, zingy, citrus finishing note of lime. This 4% cider is a bursting blend of citrus and sweet. The sweet and sour of the strawberries and lime have been carefully balanced and lightly mellowed by the traditional Herefordshire cider apples used to create it.
C7 Celtic Marches Tuttifrutti 4.0% Fruit The tropical twist of pineapple and cherry give this Herefordshire craft cider its deliciously moreish exotic flavour. The balance of the sweet and tartness of the pineapple partners perfectly with the richness of cherry. With a light mouthfeel this is a seamlessly complex fruit cider.
C8 Celtic Marches Wild Berry  4.0% Med A medium craft cider bursting with the quintessential taste of the Herefordshire hedgerow. A rich blend of wild berries creates its deep crimson tone. The delicate strawberry nose comes through leaving the wonderful afternotes of the bramble blackberries finish.
C9 Dudda's Tun Disco 5.6% Med Dry Discovery apples, a sought-after apple for cider, it is one of the few eating apples that is revered for its cider juice. Expect high acidity with red apple flesh and strawberry notes. A medium/dry blend.
C10 Dudda's Tun Salted Caramel 4.0% Sweet Salted Caramel flavoured. Extremely sweet.
C11 Dudda's Tun Sweet Apple 5.3% Sweet Sweet blend of eating and cooking apples, a moderate acidity tempered by the natural sugars of the fruit. Incredibly easy drinking.
C12 Dudda's Tun Wild Haze 5.4% Med A cloudy, medium blend. Sessionable and easy going with strawberry, grape and honeydew melon notes.
C13 Oliver's Making Hay 6.0% Med Sweet Wild fermented, medium-sweet blend, good level of acidity and soft tannin finish. Bittersharp and bittersweet blend
C14 Steilhead Nuthatch 6.5% Dry West Country farmhouse style. Lots of tannin, no messin’ cider!
C15 Steilhead Siskin 6.0% Dry Sharper, green apples, just a little tannin.