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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Alloa Real Ale 2023 and Cider Festival Beer List



Sheet 1: Beers

No Brewery Beer ABV Type Tasting Notes Notes
S1 6 Degrees North Omnium 4.3 IPA Omnium is a full-flavoured Session IPA with bold citrus and tropical fruit notes. Generous doses of Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic & Simcoe hops makes Omnium an all round crowd pleaser! GF
B1 Spey Valley Spey Cadet 4.5 IPA A simple, well balanced hybrid IPA. Made with lager and ale malts, for a beautifully balanced IPA-Lager hybrid beer. Pairs well with spicy dishes
B2 Alechemy Ten Storey Malt Bomb 4.5 80/- Pouring a dark brown with bright flashes of red when it hits sunlight, this gorgeous Scottish ale, which uses ten kinds of malts, carries flavours of caramel and fruit loaf. A smokiness carries onto a nose that has a woody, nutty quality that adds brilliantly to the brew's wintry feel.
S2 Arbor Mosaic pale 4.0 Pale Ale Gluten Free pale ale with bold floral and tropical fruit flavours and aromas. GF
S3 Bowland Bumble 4.0 Honey Beer A SIBA regional gold winner, this blonde ale is lightly hopped with the addition of our own local raw honey.
S4 Arbor Cherry Amaretto Stout 6.0 Stout Decadent stout with flavours of almond, sweet cherry & chocolate, brewed with Brixton Brewery
B4 Broughton Old Jock 6.7 Scotch Ale A beer of substance, rich and full-bodied, with intense caramel aromas and roasted maltiness, complemented by First Gold, Perle and Fuggles hops.
B5 Cairngorm Black Gold 4.4 Stout This multi award-winning wholesome stout has a rich dark colour and nutty roast flavour. No less than four colours of malt make up the grist!  A smooth sweetness leads to a dry finish and a satisfying after taste.
B6 Devon Ales Indian Pale Ale 4.0 IPA A natural balance of bitterness with notes of fruit, blended from four of the finest hops. The result is a classic British session IPA. Blessed in taste moreish in nature.
B7 Devon Ales Original 3.8 70/- Brewed by the family for 30 years this traditional Scottish session ale has notes of toffee and caramel washed down with a clean and refreshing hop.
B8 Devon Ales Pride 5.0 90/- The jewel in the crown, this traditional centre-piece Scottish Ale is full of volume with a flavour that delights the taste buds.
S5 Elland 1872 Porter 6.5 Porter A rich, complex, dark ruby porter from an 1872 recipe. It has an old port nose, coffee and bitter chocolate flavours from four malts including finest Maris Otter and English hops. Supreme Champion Beer of Britain. Three times National Winter Ales Champion.
S6 Five Kingdoms Calm before the storm 5.0 Oatmeal Stout Baby brother to 'Dark Storm' is our latest stout giving coffee and chocolate flavours. Super smooth and full bodied thanks to the addition of oats.
B9 Five Kingdoms McGregor's Mild 3.8 Mild Our take on the unfashionable traditional mild. Low strength, low hop, loads of malt flavours, easy drinking. Malts –pale, crystal and chocolate. Hops –East Kent goldings and fuggles
S7 Fyne Ales Everyone Loves Lemon Drop 3.8 Pale Ale Next up in our single-hop series is Lemondrop. A vibrant pale ale, with a harmonious balance of zesty citrus and delicate herbal notes.
B10 Fyne Ales Mirage 3.5 NE Hazy A mesmerising brew that casts a dreamy haze, with tropical fruit aromas and a mirage of juicy flavours. A perfectly tantalising and thirst-quenching pint. Vegan
B11 Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted 4.2 Golden Ale Refreshingly hoppy beer with fruit throughout. A bittersweet taste with a long bitter finish. A golden session beer.
B12 Harviestoun Schiehallion 4.8 Lager A Scottish cask lager, brewed using a lager yeast and Hersbrucker hops. A hoppy aroma, with fruit and malt, leads to a malty bitter taste with floral hoppiness and a bitter finish.
B13 Isle of Skye Skye Black 4.4 Dark Ale The colour comes from dark roasted barley, balanced with just the right amount of sweet, rolled oatmeal. Complex, full-bodied and malty. The bitterness of Roast Barley is smoothed by Heather Honey.
S8 Kirby Lonsdale Crafty Mild 3.6 Dark Mild Our modern incarnation of the traditional mild, brewed with rich, dark malts and delicately hopped for a very moorish beer.
B14 Loch Lomond Bravehop 6.0 Amber IPA Black IPA - Aromas of marmalade and pine lead to roast and spice flavours followed by a bittersweet finish.
S9 Moorhouses Broomstick Bitter 4.0 Amber Broomstick Bitter features a fine balance of malt and hops, with a caramel toasted aroma and citrus hints. A teasing bittersweet sensation tickles your tastebuds at the finish, both sweet and dry.
S10 Moorhouses White witch 3.9 Blonde A light, refreshing and easy drinking blonde ale with a grapefruit aroma and a fresh citrus taste.
B15 Not That California Bitter Tomorrows! 4.3 Hazy IPA Dry, rather bitter and slightly hazy IPA loaded with Citra and Saaz hops.
B16 Not That California Filthy ‘B’ 6.0 Oatmeal Milk Stout

B17 Not That California Golden Ale 4.2 Golden Ale Scottish Golden Ale, smooth and biscuity with with a crispy but still a wee fruity backbone.
B18 Not That California Goldrush 4.3 Lager It would be a Pilsner beer if not fermented crazy hot with an old Norwegian farmhouse ale yeast which gives it slightly fruity undertone.
B19 Orkney Dark Island 4.3 Dark Ale Dark Island is an iconic beer. A gold standard-bearer for crafted premium Scottish Ales.  It almost needs no introduction. It offers ripe, fruity and roast coffee aromas with flavours of dark chocolate, dates and nuts, from the combination of roasted malts and robust hops. 
S11 Orkney Skull Splitter 8.5 Scotch Ale Skull Splitter is one of our strongest beers, named after Thorfinn Einarsson the 7th Viking Earl of Orkney. It is a sophisticated, satiny smooth and full flavoured beer. It has a rich fruity wine-like complexity with flavours of fresh and dried fruits, warm exotic spice and mellow summer fruity notes.
S12 Osset Voodoo 5.0 Chocolate Orange Stout A deliciously rich and full-bodied stout, brewed from pale, roasted and chocolate malts. Smooth and with moderate bitterness, chocolate flavours dominate the palate paired with aromas of orange and vanilla. 
B20 Outlandish Sonsie 5.9 IPA A Traditional IPA with a depth of flavour and a crisp refreshing taste. Vegan friendly. Vegan
S13 Pennine Hair of the dog Blonde ale 3.9 Dark Blonde A deep blonde colour with a lemon citrus fresh smell and a citrus crisp refreshing taste. Vegan
S14 Roosters Go Backer 3.6 Session NEIPA A scaled down, Vermont IPA; soft, juicy and brimming with citrus fruit flavours, with a low hoppy bitterness overlaying a malty, sweet backbone. GF
S15 Roosters Thousand Yard Stare 5.4 Hazy Pale A light, yet full-flavoured and hazy pale ale with an intense tropical fruit nose. Citrus, stone fruit and resinous notes dance around the palate, giving way to a juicy and mouth-watering finish. Gluten free & suitable for vegans GF / Vegan
S16 Rudgate Jorvick Blond 3.8 Ruby Mild Multi award winning, nutty, deeply rich and satisfying to drink
S17 Rudgate York Chocolate Stout 5.0 Chocolate Stout A deep rich and satisfying premium stout with complex balanced flavours and a warm subtle chocolate finish
S18 Not That California Farmers Ale 3.2 Ale Oldtimers ale? Nah, this bad boy is for anyone seeking something malty and refreshing that won't put you under the table before the real fun even starts! A very sessionable classic beer with plenty of sweetness left over to replenish your energy after a hard days work!
B21 Simple Things Fermentation Session Stout 4.0 Stout "A much deeper and more complex stout than the ABV would suggest arrives with waves of coffee and dark chocolate. Pouring a very dark brown with a crema-coloured foam lacing the sides of the glass there’s a gentle hoppy freshness in the aroma from a dose of Summit hops late in the boil, and this is picked up on the palate too, adding a refreshing modern touch to the classic roasty profile from the blend of malted grains. A helping of oats and a high finishing gravity provide a smooth mouthfeel and satisfying body." Vegan
B22 SLOPEmeisteR El Dorado Gold 4.8 Tropical IPA El Dorado Gold is packed with bright yellow El Dorado USA hops, bursting with tropical fruits, pears, candy and hints of watermelon.
S19 SLOPEmeisteR Gorilla Stout 5.0 Stout Cold Brew Coffee Stout; Deep and dark chocolate malt infused with Rave Fudge Blend Coffee beans. For all ghe stout and coffee lovers Rave On
S20 SLOPEmeisteR NewScotland IPA 4.2 NEIPA Standing head and shoulders above the crowd of tropical fruit IPA’s. NewScotland has incredible aromas of apricot and mango nestled into deep funky fruity esters from the live yeast lovingly cultured for this brew.
S21 Southport Dark Night 3.9 Dark Mild Dark Mild. Dry, with roasted coffee and chocolate flavours. Named after the shipwreck of the Mexico in 1886 in which 27 of the 29 lifeboat crew died. The worst loss of RNLI crew in a single incident. 
B23 Stewart 80/- 4.7 80/- Full-bodied and flavoured auburn classic Scottish heavy, with malt and dried fruit on the nose and a smooth and creamy texture.
B24 Strangers Bramble Pie Blackberry Saison 4.8 Saison BRAMBLE PIE is a beer for after the harvest, brewed in the autumn with plenty of Scottish blackberries. Ginger and cinnamon add a touch of warming spice, with lactose giving a hint of creamy sweetness.
S22 Strangers Hearthside Stout 4.4 Stout Hearthside is a rich, spiced stout; dark and complex flavours and aromas that will keep you coming back for more.
B25 Sulwath The Grace 4.3 Light Mild Extremely refreshing celebration ale. Made using three different hop varieties, combined with the best ‘Maris Otter & Crystal’ maltsto create a colour reminiscent of a Galloway sunset. With a rich full
bodied flavour that balances the caramel undertones.

S23 Thornbridge Astryd 3.8 Pale Ale Astryd is light, fresh and fruity. This juicy pale ale is overflowing with tropical fruit/ flavours and aromas from start to finish, with a delicate hop bitterness for balance.
S24 Tiny rebel Dough Boy 4.6 Pale Ale This rhubarb crepe suzette pale ale Bursting with flavours of rhubarb and orange, this is a full bodied pint of creamy goodness.

S25 Tiny rebel Tommy Two Peaks 4.0 Dark Fruits IPA Our Dark Fruits IPA has a prominent berry profile which is made up of currents, blackberries and cherries, accompanied by the use of Columbus hops which gives the liquid its subtle bitterness, overall giving you a classic dark fruits experience with our own Tiny Rebel touch.
S26 Salopian Hop Twister 4.5 Golden Ale With a palate that is fresh, piercing and focused, complemented by soft malt overtones and pronounced citrus flavours. A strong focus of taut, lemony, grapefruit on the finish which is balanced by a dry bitterness.
S27 Vocation Life and Death 6.5 IPA Three kilos of hops and 40 kilos of barley selflessly give their lives to make every barrel of our punchy bestseller. It’s a lot to ask. But their new life as this hop-forward US style IPA makes their sacrifice worthwhile.
B27 Williams Bros Fraoch 5.0 Heather Ale A light amber ale with floral-peaty aroma, full malt character, and a spicy herbal finish - This beer allows you to literally pour 4000 years of Scottish history into a glass. Vegan
B28 Williams Bros Joker 5.0 IPA Created from a complex layer of malts and blended hops, this well balanced IPA delivers satisfaction every time. Golden in the glass, fruity on the nose with hints of cedar. Joker IPA is Bitter/Sweet, full of flavour and is sure to put a smile on your face. Vegan
B29 Williams Bros March of the Penguins 4.9 Stout This creamy dark stout, deep chocolate in colour has a nose of roast malts, coffee, liquorice & orange peel. The aromas carry on into the flavour with a smooth mouthfeel, rich malty start, fresh hoppy middle & a delicious lingering sweet orange after taste. Sure to get you marching again on those cold winter evenings. Vegan
B26 Williams Bros Seven Giraffes 5.1 IPA This aromatic IPA pours a deep gold with aroma's of elderflower and citrus hops, followed by sweet caramel. On the tongue the biscuity malts are perfectly balanced with the bitterness of the hops, with a lingering floral elderflower aftertaste. Vegan
S28 Windswept Weizen 5.2 Cloudy Wheat Beer A cloudy effervescent hefeweizen bursting with bananas and caramel. Winner of CAMRA’s 2019 award ‘Champion Beer of Scotland’.
S29 Windswept Wolf 6.0 Dark Ale Rich and dark in colour with chocolate and liquorice aromas from the chocolate malts used. Burned toffee and caramel flavours, reminiscent of Bonfire Night. Named after the Wolf of Badennoch, infamous for burning down Elgin cathedral in 1390.

Sheet 2: Cider

No. Brewery Beer ABV Type Tasting Notes
c1 Ascension Dance Commander (Red cherry blend) 4.0 Med Sweet Wild fermented blended with the juice from red cherries. Medium sweet and unbelievably moreish, this is incredibly popular and never lasts long
c2 Ascension Jewel Runner (Blackberry, Strawberry and Hibiscus Blend) 4.0 Fruit Wild fermented cider is blended with the juice from fresh blackberries, strawberries and hibiscus.
c3 Ascension Mothership 6.0 Med Dry. A traditional strength cider, created from a combination of wild fermented cider and a dose of freshly pressed apple juice. Blended for a medium/dry balance.
c4 Ascension Shimmy 4.0 Fruit Lovingly referred to as the Tang Bomb at Ascension Cider HQ, this blend of wild cider, pineapple & lemon juice offers a fruit forward, refreshing taste with prominent tart pineapple and wild cider notes
c5 Ascension Sonic Titan 8.2 Dry, Heavy Blending our strong wild fermented cider with a hint of sweet apple juice gave us the cider that was to be known as Sonic Titan. Named not only for its gravity and strength, but also after a track by the gods of heavy sleep.
c6 Celtic Marches Abrahalls AD Dry 6.0 Dry Skilfully crafted Abrahall’s AD 6% cider is a well-rounded, easy to drink, dry cider, made from 100% cider apples grown on the family’s farm in Bishops Frome. Made from a blend of bitter sweet and sharp cider apples – Dabinett, Michelin and a smattering of Kingston Black the old cidermaker’s favourite.
c7 Celtic Marches Abrahalls AM Med 6.0 Medium This medium 6% cider is well-rounded and easy to drink. Made on the family farm in Bishops Frome, the cider is made from a blend of bitter sweet and sharp cider apples – Dabinett, Michelin and a smattering of Kingston Black. The fruit in our orchards is allowed to grow and fully ripen bringing out a full flavour in the cider.
c8 Celtic Marches Lily the Pink 4.5 Medium Our golden girl is a medium fruity cider with a gorgeous delicate hue. Made using 100% cider apples, from our very own Herefordshire farm, Lily has an intense fruity nose and is gently sweet on the palate. Lily's subtle balance of fresh cider apples, candy apple sweetness and light body makes for a very easy drinking and quaffable cider
c9 Celtic Marches Slack Alice 4.6 Med Dry Slack by name but not in flavour. Alice is a medium dry well-rounded cider with a moreish sharpness. At 4.6% she sits at the drier end of our core range yet is still smooth and mellow with a very slight tart finish; a result of the balanced blending of our homegrown cider apples. This cider is a true Herefordshire delight!
c10 Celtic Marches Thundering Molly 5.2 Medium Beautiful to the core, our medium cider is far from mediocre. Molly is a meticulously balanced cider with a golden glow. This scrumptious sip is smooth, well rounded and has a wonderful apple nose; a signature quality of our homegrown Herefordshire Cider apples.
c11 Dudda's Tun Caramel 4.0 Caramel
c12 Lilley's Gingerbread 4.0 Med Dry A fiery mix of ginger and deliciously crisp sparkling apple cider.
c13 Lilley's Mulled Cider 4.0 Med Sweet This unfiltered cider has been expertly blended to help bring out the best in the spices. Bittersweet apples, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and lemon all combine to make this a great cider when served cold but it truly comes alive when served warm.
c14 Lilley's Passion Fruit Martini 3.4 Sweet A modern classic. A crowd-pleasing combination of vanilla & passionfruit with a hint of lime mixed with crisp Somerset cider. The hint of lime cuts through the delightful sweetness of the passionfruit leaving you with subtle aromas & the taste of vanilla. Serve over ice with half a passionfruit to garnish.
c15 Lilley's Rhubarb 4.0 Sweet We have expertly blended our crisp Somerset cider and tangy rhubarb to make this a real taste sensation. Sweet and full of rhubarb flavour with a tart edge.
c16 Lilley's Santa Cider 6.0 Sweet Spread the Christmas Joy with this rich and rustic cider. Santa cider is bursting with fruitiness and full of flavor perfect for those chilly winter nights. Naturally cloudy, juicy and sweet.
c17 Nightingale Discovery Blush 6.0 Med Still The Discovery apple is the first to mature and be picked in the autumn. With the nose and flavour of this early variety, our Discovery blend is a medium fruity cider with a delicate rosé blush. A wild fermented minimal intervention cider, which is matured for a minimum of 6 months before release.
c18 Nightingale Tenterden Cider 5.5 Med Still Tenterden cider celebrates the connection between our orchards and hometown in the Weald of Kent. A beautifully balanced, bright and floral medium still cider. A wild fermented minimal intervention cider, which is matured for a minimum of 6 months before release.
c19 Oliver's Basking in the Warm Glow 6.0 Med Dry. Barrel-aged cider with muscavado sugar. Spicey, sweet vanilla oak and ripe tannic cider.
c20 Oliver's Classic Perry 6.0 Med Sweet Wild fermented, medium sweet blend. Burst of sharp acidity creates a further sense of sweetness, followed up with a citrusy, pear drop notes, Sweeter finish with very light tannins. Incredibly drinkable
c21 Oliver's Shezam 6.0 Medium Less acidity than many Oliver's ciders. Bitterharp and bittersweet blend. Big Fruit Punch and easy tannins
c22 Pulp Sloe Gin 3.4 Craft This awesome autumn fruit is a favourite at Pulp HQ. Its plummy profile gives gin a bold flavour and boastfully boosts our crafty cider. Take a cool sip in the sun or warm this little treat up in winter for a mega mulled cider!